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Corporate Office Deep Cleaning: Should I Do It?

As the raging pandemic continues to spread, organizations, governments, doctors, and scientists continuously advise businesses and individuals on the guidelines they should follow.

But is that enough?

Most people don’t realize that their workplace is one of the most common places they can get the coronavirus. And if you’re thinking that the regular cleaning service at your workplace is enough to keep you safe – you’re wrong!
To make sure you stay safe – you need to hire a deep cleaning service that can work together with the usual cleaning services your office has. For business owners, their employee’s health must be their number one priority. A deep cleaning service can ensure that your employees are satisfied with the hygiene protocols you follow, and you can also have employees that are a lot healthier!

Dangerous Areas at the Work Place

According to research, sick days at the workplace annually cost the US economy $84 billion every year. Even though the CDC reminds employees to wash their hands after every interaction with a crowd, or a common touchpoint, ensuring the cleanliness of every surface is impossible.
The most dangerous areas in the workplace can be those which people come in contact with the most. The telephone, the desks, keyboards, mouse, PCs are hotbeds for germs that can potentially nest a virus. Other areas that are shared by people like the kitchen, washroom, and conference rooms are also those places where people can infect each other with physical contact.
So if you’re thinking of hiring of deep cleaning service, make sure these places and objects get cleaned!

What is Coronavirus?

If you own a business, you’ve probably heard of coronavirus by now. To make sure your staff stays safe, tell them to self-isolate. If it’s absolutely essential to call someone to work, tell them to wear a mask, and maintain a safe distance from the people around them.
The coronavirus is a flu-like disease that affects the respiratory system of a person. Some of the common symptoms are:
• High body temperature
• A dry cough
• Loss of smell in some cases
If any of your employees are showing these symptoms, send them home, and ask them to self-isolate for 14 days. But sending a sick employee home does not mean your workplace is safe. It actually means the opposite.
A sick employee came in physical contact with their surroundings that means deep cleaning is required now more than ever.

What is Deep Cleaning?

A deep cleaning process extensively cleans a space at a given time. Compared to deep cleaning, regular cleaning focuses on different areas of your workplace and does not use the proper disinfectants needed to kill the virus.
Regular cleaning also does not focus on common touchpoints, so the threat, even after the cleanup, remains.


Even if you’ve religiously followed all the necessary guidelines to keep yourself safe from COVID-19 – making sure every person you meet at the workplace has done the same is impossible. To make sure you and your employees stay safe from the virus contact us for our deep cleaning services.
It doesn’t matter if you have a corporate office, small office, or a warehouse – if you hate germs, we’ve got you covered.

How to Hire a Commercial Cleaning Contractor

Trying to clean a commercial workspace by yourself is basically setting yourself up for failure. Not only will the task become excruciatingly difficult, but no matter how hard you work, chances are that you won’t be able to get satisfactory results. This is why hiring a commercial cleaning contractor is a better option.
However, it is important to do some research before hiring a company that is offering commercial cleaning services in your area.
So if you have decided that you want to hire a commercial cleaning contractor, here are a few things you should do that will make the process easier for you.

• Research & Background Check

Search through various commercial cleaning services in your area and find the ones that suit your needs the best. Do background research on these companies to learn about their past experiences. If you have any friends or relatives who’ve previously hired a commercial cleaning contractor recently, then ask them for recommendations. Not only will they be able to help you choose better options, but they’ll also share the pros and cons they’ve experienced with certain companies as well as costs incurred. If you don’t know anyone who recently hired such services, you can always go online and do thorough research.

• Meet Various Commercial Cleaning Contractors

Doing the background research will help you narrow down a list of commercial cleaners you’d prefer to hire. However, you still won’t get the perfect idea until you meet a couple of contractors. Talking to them in-person will let you inquire about any information you need or concerns you have. A reliable company will give you their list of reference materials and accounts of reviews from their past clients. Contacting several of these previous customers will help you confirm that the contractor you’re planning to hire is legitimate and trustworthy.

• Check If the Company Is Licensed and Insured

It is recommended to always opt for cleaning services that are licensed and have liability insurance. Any reliable cleaning company will be able to share the documentation to prove that they are covered. Another thing to make sure is that their staff is trained in safety and OSHA procedures.

• Discuss the Costs of the Service

Hiring a commercial cleaning contractor is a long term investment; you don’t want to go around finding a different cleaning service every month. You want to find one and stick with it. So it is important that you create your budget accordingly, and make sure that the service you pick ensures satisfactory results along with affordable prices. So discuss the quotes with your preferred company to come to an arrangement that works for both of you.

If you’re looking for a commercial cleaning contractor that will provide you amazing services at affordable prices, you may want to consider heading over to our website. You can learn about the services we offer as well as get a free quote for the services that you require.

Local Cleaning Company vs. National Contractor – Is Bigger Always Better?

If you are running a company or a large facility, you will definitely need some kind of cleaning service to make sure the space is always clean. However, picking a cleaning company isn’t easy.
The first thing to consider is whether you want to hire a national contractor or a local cleaning company.
It is easy to assume that a big national cleaning company will be a better choice. But that’s not always the case. Certain factors need to be taken into consideration before deciding whether you actually need a national contractor or if a local cleaning company will work better for you.

Do You Need a National Cleaning Company?

There are various reasons that will make you believe you need to hire a national cleaning company. You may have a large, complex facility that require multiple teams to maintain it or may have bigger requirements like industrial cleaning, medical cleaning or school cleaning. In such cases, it is crucial to find a suitable cleaning company that can handle bigger areas.
However, a good local cleaning company can also help maintain these places.
The main reason to consider a national contractor is if you have various locations around the country that require the same, centralized commercial cleaning services. In such a situation, it is definitely recommended to consider a national cleaning company.
But that’s rarely the case. In most cases, the larger-level janitorial services come with various issues. So if you don’t have facilities that run through the country, it may be a better option to opt for a local cleaning service; as dealing with the problems of national contractors just isn’t worth it if you can suffice with a local one.

Benefits of Hiring a Local Cleaning Company

Although a local cleaning company may not be suitable for high-scale industrial cleaning, it has many benefits that you should consider before dismissing the idea of hiring them.
• A local cleaning company would usually consist of a smaller of group of people, and you’d be able to meet these people personally if you want to. They’ll be happy to talk to you and address any concerns that you have.
• A local cleaning company will only take as many projects as they can handle effortlessly. So if you are able to hire one, you can be sure that your workspace will receive utmost care as these people would be fully invested in your work. They value you as a customer more since they probably aren’t working on ten projects simultaneously. That’s not to say that a larger company won’t provide great service; of course they will. But if an unlikely situation arises, they are likely to give preference to their priority customers instead of newer ones. This means that a local company will provide you with higher-quality cleaning, as each client is equally important for them.
• If you have any quality issues, a local company will be able to address these concerns immediately. With larger scale companies, you’ll have to complain and convey your problems, which will then go through a long prose before the issues are resolved.
• Hiring local companies will be a lot more affordable as compared to hiring national contractors. Since you need this service on a regular basis, it is important to cut down on the budget as much as possible. Additionally, it also helps benefit the economy, no matter the size of the company.
So if the above reasons were enough to convince you to hire a local cleaning company, why don’t you head over to our website and give us a chance!

Top 7 Tips to Follow Before Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

Screening and hiring a commercial cleaning company might seem like a daunting task.

And we completely understand why!

A good commercial cleaning company can design a tailored cleaning plan that effectively answers all your needs and preferences. It ensures your workspace is absolutely epic and span along with safeguarding the health of your employees.

But with so many options dangling in the market, announcing appealing offers and boasting expertise, separating the good ones from bad can indeed be a tough challenge.

Thus, here we have seven effective tips for hiring a commercial cleaning company for your business.

7 Tips for Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company for Business Owners

Tip #1: Ascertain what and where you intend to clean

Before hiring a commercial cleaning company, ask yourself if you need a deep cleaning service for the entire office, a part of it, or just want to get some appliances scrubbed. You can draft a simple list of what you expect after the cleaning. It’ll be much easier to choose a cleaning company, once you figure out what you need one for.

Tip #2: Research online and ask for referrals from friends and family

You can ask your family, friends, neighbors, or acquaintances for referrals. Chances are they will be glad to recommend a decent commercial cleaning company based on their positive experience. Moreover, you can head to the internet and search for top cleaning companies in your area that offer the kind of service you expect.

Tip #3: Shortlist available options and go through reviews

Generate a shortlist comprising the referrals you receive and the companies you unearth on the internet that best meet your requirements. With your list in hand, search for past reviews on the internet and see what past customers have to say about these shortlisted cleaning companies’ quality of service.

Tip #4: Choose a company that’s insured or bonded

God forbid if an accident happens during the cleaning process or an appliance is stolen or damaged; an insured or bonded company can take responsibility for the incident. Whereas, if you hire a company that’s not protected for damages, your business will be liable to pay for any accident, damages, or theft.

Tip #5: Ask for the expected quote and a free consultation

Call the top three commercial cleaning companies on your list and ask for an expected quote and a free consultation. During the consultation, make sure to ask them if their workers are appointed after a background check. Also, inquire about the chemicals they use in the cleaning process.

Additionally, ask if they charge per hour or at a flat rate and then choose a company that conducts a thorough background check of their workers and ideally, bill on a flat rate.

Tip #6: Consider what the cleaning schedule should look like

Ask yourself how often do you need your office cleaned? And what times would be most appropriate for your business? For instance, education institutes are typically cleaned every afternoon, once the students leave. Whereas cleaning in sports centers might be the first thing in the morning.

These are some of the considerations a commercial cleaning company ought to be flexible about. So, be sure to pronounce your time preference to the desired company and see if they are willing to work during those hours.

Tip #7: Pick the best company based on what you need

Do not hire a commercial cleaning firm just because it’s the cheapest. Instead, choose a company based on its level of experience, expertise, quality of service, and your requirements. Ensure all the agreements you have with the chosen company are in writing and signed appropriately.

So, if you are looking for a commercial cleaning company that offers high-quality services with utmost expertise and experience, head to our website to learn more about our services or click here to receive a free quote.

How to Properly Disinfect Your Commercial Office for COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought a sense of urgency amongst everyone.

Now, all of a sudden, professional cleaning companies and disinfecting businesses are a need of the hour. As an increasing number of companies slowly resume operations, it’s vital that all of us have a comprehensive cleaning plan. Not only must this plan entail professional cleaning services – but it must also be customized to your work space.
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