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Corporate Office Deep Cleaning: Should I Do It?

As the raging pandemic continues to spread, organizations, governments, doctors, and scientists continuously advise businesses and individuals on the guidelines they should follow.
But is that enough?

Most people don’t realize that their workplace is one of the most common places they can get the coronavirus. And if you’re thinking that the regular cleaning service at your workplace is enough to keep you safe – you’re wrong!
To make sure you stay safe – you need to hire a deep cleaning service that can work together with the usual cleaning services your office has. For business owners, their employee’s health must be their number one priority. A deep cleaning service can ensure that your employees are satisfied with the hygiene protocols you follow, and you can also have employees that are a lot healthier!

Dangerous Areas at the Work Place

According to research, sick days at the workplace annually cost the US economy $84 billion every year. Even though the CDC reminds employees to wash their hands after every interaction with a crowd, or a common touchpoint, ensuring the cleanliness of every surface is impossible.
The most dangerous areas in the workplace can be those which people come in contact with the most. The telephone, the desks, keyboards, mouse, PCs are hotbeds for germs that can potentially nest a virus. Other areas that are shared by people like the kitchen, washroom, and conference rooms are also those places where people can infect each other with physical contact.
So if you’re thinking of hiring of deep cleaning service, make sure these places and objects get cleaned!

What is Coronavirus?

If you own a business, you’ve probably heard of coronavirus by now. To make sure your staff stays safe, tell them to self-isolate. If it’s absolutely essential to call someone to work, tell them to wear a mask, and maintain a safe distance from the people around them.
The coronavirus is a flu-like disease that affects the respiratory system of a person. Some of the common symptoms are:
• High body temperature
• A dry cough
• Loss of smell in some cases
If any of your employees are showing these symptoms, send them home, and ask them to self-isolate for 14 days. But sending a sick employee home does not mean your workplace is safe. It actually means the opposite.
A sick employee came in physical contact with their surroundings that means deep cleaning is required now more than ever.

What is Deep Cleaning?

A deep cleaning process extensively cleans a space at a given time. Compared to deep cleaning, regular cleaning focuses on different areas of your workplace and does not use the proper disinfectants needed to kill the virus.
Regular cleaning also does not focus on common touchpoints, so the threat, even after the cleanup, remains.


Even if you’ve religiously followed all the necessary guidelines to keep yourself safe from COVID-19 – making sure every person you meet at the workplace has done the same is impossible. To make sure you and your employees stay safe from the virus contact us for our deep cleaning services.
It doesn’t matter if you have a corporate office, small office, or a warehouse – if you hate germs, we’ve got you covered.