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How to Properly Disinfect Your Commercial Office for COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought a sense of urgency amongst everyone.

Now, all of a sudden, professional cleaning companies and disinfecting businesses are a need of the hour. As an increasing number of companies slowly resume operations, it’s vital that all of us have a comprehensive cleaning plan. Not only must this plan entail professional cleaning services – but it must also be customized to your work space.

If you’re an employer who already has a plan in place for seasonal outbreaks – then your plan might just need slight updates. Updates that address the specific exposure risks associated with COVID-19. Before you decide to disinfect, you must know – planning is crucial.

Your disinfection plan must address all four of the vital components of a disinfection plan:

  1. Frequency of cleaning
  2. The materials you use to clean and disinfect
  3. The areas you’re choosing to clean and disinfect
  4. Specific cleaning procedures for different kinds of materials

Routinely disinfecting your work space with the help of a commercial cleaning company can have various benefits. But how do you efficiently disinfect your office for COVID-19?

Here’s how.

Target Commonly Used Areas
There are no two opinions: commonly used areas are the most infected. Although the coronavirus primarily spreads through air droplets – you can also get infected if you come in contact with an infected surface. If you touch your eyes, nose or mouth after touching an infected surface, there’s a high chance you’ll get the virus.

A research conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine showed that droplets of the virus can stay suspended in the air for three hours. The virus can also stay on surfaces for up to 72 hours. Because of this, some surfaces might require more frequent cleaning – and this could be several times a day. These surfaces can be:

• Light switches
• Faucet handles
• Computer monitors, keyboards and mouse
• Conference tables and countertops
• Elevator buttons
• Doorknobs
• Coffee pots, cafeteria tables and vending machines
• Publicly used phones

Remember to keep these surfaces in your company’s cleaning planning. You should also remember that cleaning plans can differ for the type of business you have. For example, a hospital might have a completely different cleaning plan from a retail store. If you’re planning to take extra precautions, consider handing out disinfecting wipes to your employees. Also make sure that these wipes are available in public spaces.

The Right Disinfection Materials
The virus can be killed if you use the right disinfecting materials. Disinfectants that are recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency are listed here. Many of these materials can help you inactivate the risk posed by COVID-19, but with that being said, consistency is key.

Working With a Professional Cleaning Company
Even if you’re religiously following all the guidelines being communicated, you can still miss out on crucial details because it’s not an area you excel at. With the help of a commercial cleaning company, you can have a cleaning plan that is customized to your working space. A professional rids you of the constant worry of cleaning your work space, because routine cleaning, be it bi-weekly, weeklyor monthly, won’t be your headache anymore.

All you’ll have to do is focus on running your business, while the professionals keep your environment clean. Contact us by clicking here, or check out our gallery to see some work spaces that we’ve disinfected.