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Local Cleaning Company vs. National Contractor – Is Bigger Always Better?

If you are running a company or a large facility, you will definitely need some kind of cleaning service to make sure the space is always clean. However, picking a cleaning company isn’t easy.
The first thing to consider is whether you want to hire a national contractor or a local cleaning company.
It is easy to assume that a big national cleaning company will be a better choice. But that’s not always the case. Certain factors need to be taken into consideration before deciding whether you actually need a national contractor or if a local cleaning company will work better for you.

Do You Need a National Cleaning Company?

There are various reasons that will make you believe you need to hire a national cleaning company. You may have a large, complex facility that require multiple teams to maintain it or may have bigger requirements like industrial cleaning, medical cleaning or school cleaning. In such cases, it is crucial to find a suitable cleaning company that can handle bigger areas.
However, a good local cleaning company can also help maintain these places.
The main reason to consider a national contractor is if you have various locations around the country that require the same, centralized commercial cleaning services. In such a situation, it is definitely recommended to consider a national cleaning company.
But that’s rarely the case. In most cases, the larger-level janitorial services come with various issues. So if you don’t have facilities that run through the country, it may be a better option to opt for a local cleaning service; as dealing with the problems of national contractors just isn’t worth it if you can suffice with a local one.

Benefits of Hiring a Local Cleaning Company

Although a local cleaning company may not be suitable for high-scale industrial cleaning, it has many benefits that you should consider before dismissing the idea of hiring them.
• A local cleaning company would usually consist of a smaller of group of people, and you’d be able to meet these people personally if you want to. They’ll be happy to talk to you and address any concerns that you have.
• A local cleaning company will only take as many projects as they can handle effortlessly. So if you are able to hire one, you can be sure that your workspace will receive utmost care as these people would be fully invested in your work. They value you as a customer more since they probably aren’t working on ten projects simultaneously. That’s not to say that a larger company won’t provide great service; of course they will. But if an unlikely situation arises, they are likely to give preference to their priority customers instead of newer ones. This means that a local company will provide you with higher-quality cleaning, as each client is equally important for them.
• If you have any quality issues, a local company will be able to address these concerns immediately. With larger scale companies, you’ll have to complain and convey your problems, which will then go through a long prose before the issues are resolved.
• Hiring local companies will be a lot more affordable as compared to hiring national contractors. Since you need this service on a regular basis, it is important to cut down on the budget as much as possible. Additionally, it also helps benefit the economy, no matter the size of the company.
So if the above reasons were enough to convince you to hire a local cleaning company, why don’t you head over to our website and give us a chance!