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How Much Does It Cost to Clean a Warehouse?

So you’re thinking about outsourcing your warehouse cleaning? It’s a wise choice. Companies that specialize in cleaning warehouses, distribution centers, and the like are laser-focused on meeting health and safety regulations. And because cleaning is what they do, they don’t put off work because of other pressing business needs.

Factors that Impact Price

Warehouses and distribution centers are not one-size-fits-all. The size of a facility, the type of work, number of employees, and materials that go in and out of its doors, its overall condition, and its geographical location will all impact the costs of cleaning it.

Warehouse Size

In general, the larger a warehouse, the lower the cost will be per square foot to clean it. For example, if the cleaning in your facility has been neglected or substandard for some time, a one-time, heavy-duty cleaning is likely to cost in the area of $0.20 per square foot for a 75,000 square foot warehouse but up to $2 per square foot if it is much smaller.

When it comes to doing a one-time, deep clean, a professional cleaning company will typically require that warehouse equipment like forklifts and other obstructions be removed from the area. They will attack the worst areas on the floor impacted by spills or other debris, then work from the top down getting into the ductwork, high windows, lighting, and rafters, and then shelving. As material will fall as they work, they’ll address the floors last by sweeping, degreasing, and polishing.

Once a warehouse is thoroughly cleaned, it’s all a matter of keeping up with the cleaning regularly.

Services Performed

How much it may cost to clean your warehouse on a monthly basis will also depend on the services listed and their frequency in your cleaning contract. A good cleaning outfit should spend some time with you to walk through your facility and determine any site-specific needs you may have. In addition to general cleaning, typical warehouse cleaning contracts include:

  • trash pickup and disposal
  • floor cleaning and floor care
  • power washing
  • degreasing
  • wall and ceiling cleaning
  • cleaning windows and lighting
  • duct cleaning
  • cleaning offices, bathrooms, and kitchen areas


Cleaning a large, 75,000 square foot warehouse on a weekly basis will typically cost $2,500 to $3,500 a month.

Maintenance-friendly Services for Your Warehouse Floor

Your warehouse floor is the one part of your facility that takes the most abuse. If you have a concrete floor that’s either new or newly renovated, it may be worthwhile to have it sealed against dust and excess moisture that can cause long-term damage. Sealing your warehouse floor will create a non-slip surface and also leave it easier to clean. The cost on average to complete such a project is about $100 to $200 an hour but will earn its worth in fewer repair costs and a higher resale value of your facility.

Choose the Right Cleaning Company

If you do choose to outsource your warehouse cleaning, it’s important to understand that not all cleaning companies are alike.

Shop around. Be sure to choose a professional service that is experienced in cleaning large warehouses, distribution centers, or factories. They should know how to get their work done without damaging or misplacing merchandise. Have them provide an itemized list of the work they will perform and the frequency they will carry out the work.

A reputable cleaning company should have uniformed workers. Find out if their employees receive background checks and if you will be assigned a dedicated crew or if the crew will vary. Make sure they are licensed and insured. Check references.

Running a warehouse operation is hard work. Placing the responsibility for keeping your plant clean and safe in the hands of a professional commercial cleaning company–a company you can trust–is one less hassle to deal with. And the dividends it will pay you, in the long run, will be well worth the effort.