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Quality commercial cleaning services in Scranton, PA.

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Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Joy Ann Orth
Joy Ann Orth
Very accommodating especially on such a short notice and it being a holiday weekend! Punctual, very friendly and professional. Did an excellent job with a great price! Would highly recommend them😄
Eric Leedock
Eric Leedock
Always on time and does a great job for our business!
cindy taylor
cindy taylor
This company does a great job..highly recommend
James Higgs
James Higgs
Amado is an outstanding leader and has a great team that always comes through.
Ronald Martinez
Ronald Martinez
Best commercial cleaning service in the area! Very reliable, customer focused and deliver quality cleaning services. RECOMMEND!

Why We Love Scranton PA

Innovation. That’s what we think of when we hear the name, Scranton. And it’s why we love the city so. Scranton was one of the larger of the early anthracite coal mining communities in northeastern Pennsylvania. And if there’s one thing you should know about anthracite coal, it’s that it was a critical component in the U.S’s industrial revolution providing the power behind steam trains and steel manufacturing to name just two.

A great place to find out more about Scranton’s rich coal mining history is at the Anthracite Heritage Museum on Bald Mountain Road.

You can also learn a lot about the railroading industry at Steamtown, a heritage railroad and museum in downtown Scranton. Another of our favorite Scranton destinations is the Electric City Trolley Museum.

Did you know Scranton was the first city in the nation to have street cars powered exclusively by the city’s electricity?

Yes, Scranton was and still is a city of innovators. And although the city has diversified its commercial base significantly over the years, it’s safe to say Scranton continues to churn out strong, innovative business leaders. Perhaps you’re one of them?

Keeping It Clean in Scranton

And one more thing. Scranton is also beloved as the setting for one of our all-time favorite TV sitcoms — The Office. Why do we love the show? Well, we’d like to think we know a thing or two about offices – getting them sparkling clean, anyway.

Excellence Janitorial Services is an innovative, professional, reliable, and affordable commercial cleaning company that specializes in

Who We Are

In some ways, it’s easier to start by telling you who we are not. We’re not a cookie cutter cleaning company. When you contact a member of our sales team, you’ll get a friendly partner who will listen to you, inspect your business, and who will put together a clear plan of action for your facility that fits your cleaning needs, your busy schedule, and your budget.

Our cleaning team is laser-focused on providing top-notch cleaning services to northeastern Pennsylvania’s commercial business community.

What we are is a fully insured, hardworking team of cleaning professionals that always puts its clients first.

A man cleaning a window in his home.

Where to Find Us

Excellence Janitorial Services is located at 210 Division Street in nearby Kingston, PA. Hours of operation are

Monday through Friday from

8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

You can call us at


The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that a clean work environment is a safe work environment. The bottom line is that a clean office, restaurant, warehouse, or the like improves employee morale and production.

The bottom line is that Excellence Janitorial Services can make everything easier for you.

A woman cleaning a floor with a mop and bucket.

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