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Excellence Janitorial Services is a premium commercial cleaning company based in Pennsylvania. At EJS, we focus on providing quality commercial cleaning services for small businesses, corporations, restaurants, schools, and warehouses. We’re fully registered in the state of Pennsylvania, and we’re fully insured with general liability and worker’s compensation.
Most importantly, we’re family-owned and operated – from the person who answers the phone to the people doing the work.

A Commercial Cleaning Service Company That Keeps Its Promises

Who We Are

Excellence Janitorial Services was founded by Amado Carias back in 2014. Since then, we have been building relationships with hundreds of corporations in our area, with contractors across the United States, and with small business owners in our community.

 We deliver real results for our clients with a focus on quality. We haven’t had a client who left us because of poor work. And that gives us the confidence to say that once you become our client, you’ll stay with us for life.

These Clients Trust Us With Their Facilities:

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Our Process Is Simple

In fact, it’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

EJS provides one-time cleaning services, routine cleaning (daily, 2 or 3 times per week, or whatever frequency you may need). We pride ourselves on delivering quality work and in offering flexibility to our clients. And we’ll work within your budget. You should expect nothing less.

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Just call

Or just call or complete our customer form to schedule a walk-through.

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We'll listen to you

Do a complete walk-through, and make sure we understand all your requirements. When finished, we'll sit down and put together a complete scope of work and a free quote for you.

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We'll email you the quote

Give you a few days to consider our proposal. Have questions? Need something additional? Want something taken out? Give us a call and we'll talk. Every business is different. We'll work with you to put together a plan that best suits your business's needs.

Our Commercial Cleaning Services

As a business owner, you know that first impressions are everything. How clean and well-maintained your facilities appear to your customers can make the difference between whether they do business with you as a one-off or for the long term. (And we know you want the long term!) A clean facility is also a morale-booster for your employees. When you hire Excellence Janitorial Services, you set yourself up for success.

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Office Cleaning

Not every office is the same–especially in this post-Covid world. Some offices are small with just a handful of employees, while others have hundreds. In some cases, employees work from home several days a week but come into the office when necessity dictates. Other offices have considerably more activity. We understand that no two offices are alike, and we can put together a cleaning plan that meets all your workplace needs.

Small Business Office Cleaning

Need a courteous custodian to vacuum and dust on a weekly basis? Do you want someone to mop and disinfect the kitchen and bathroom areas? Someone to water the plants and take out the trash? If yours is a small business that just needs a little extra help in the janitorial department, we can supply a committed member of our team to attend to your small business cleaning needs.

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Corporate Office Cleaning

Do you run a business with hundreds of staff? Do you have a bounty of clients, salespeople, and deliveries crossing your threshold on a daily basis? There’s really no way around it. Large corporations often translate to heavy foot traffic across floors and carpets, overflowing wastebaskets, and messy bathrooms and employee dining areas, not to mention the occasional spilled cup of coffee. Why pull a staff member from other important work to take care of these tasks? When you need a janitorial service that will be at your service on a daily basis, EJS has the staffing capacity to meet your needs.

Warehouse Cleaning

If you operate a warehouse facility, we don’t need to tell you how important it is to keep the work area clean, especially for workplace safety. Warehouses of every size and shape get a lot of foot–and equipment–traffic, and in a warehouse environment, a cracked, peeling tile or a ripped piece of carpet can be a recipe for disaster. Our EJS crew members pride themselves on keeping floors, storage areas, and any and all high traffic areas clean, clear, and safe. We’ll make recommendations and help you put together a cleaning program that not only maintains cleanliness but that also keeps your crew safe.

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Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning

A Pennsylvania restaurant that doesn’t meet the highest standards of sanitation and cleanliness will be out of business fast. And it’s not just limited to the food prep area. It includes your dining room, your bar, your bathroom facilities, and even your entryways. Meeting and exceeding health code requirements is of the utmost importance for the health and well-being of your customers and food service staff, and it’s critical to your restaurant’s success. Our EJS team is trained and experienced in meeting these rigorous standards.


When the last table is bussed and the lights go out in the kitchen, that’s when our committed crew arrives. We’ll work with you to devise a cleaning plan for your food prep areas, your bar and dining areas, and your floors and bathrooms that meet code and maintain a clean, sanitary environment. We’ll also work around your schedule so your restaurant never misses a beat during hours of operation.

Pre-Inspection Cleaning

Is your restaurant gearing up for its big grand opening? Many new restaurant owners get nervous about their pre-opening inspection by the health inspector. But when you call Excellence Janitorial Services, there’s no need to worry about a health inspection failure.


We’ll make sure your entire restaurant meets local and state health code requirements, that it is sanitized, clean, and spotless to both the eye and to the touch. And that means everything—from the food prep and dining areas, to all your equipment, to the grab bars and toilet seats in the bathroom, to the bar top and shelves, and even right down to the menus and keypads on your ordering equipment. We’ll make sure your restaurant is up to snuff on it all and everything in between.

When the last table is bussed and the lights go out in the kitchen, that’s when our committed crew arrives. We’ll work with you to devise a cleaning plan for your food prep areas, your bar and dining areas, and your floors and bathrooms that meet code and maintain a clean, sanitary environment. We’ll also work around your schedule so your restaurant never misses a beat during hours of operation.

Deep Kitchen Cleaning

Restaurants are busy workplaces that require daily cleaning chores like mopping, vacuuming, and countertop cleaning. Other jobs, however, don’t require daily attention, but neither can they be ignored. Walls, ceiling and exhaust fans, steam boxes, hoods, ovens, and other large equipment must be scrubbed and thoroughly cleaned to remove grease buildup. This type of deep kitchen cleaning is not only sanitary but also helps prevent kitchen fires. Partner with us for a clean and safe environment.

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Post-Construction Cleaning

New construction or rehab work is a messy process. That’s why after the dust has settled, you need a good post-construction cleaning to make your business ready for occupancy. At EJS we pride ourselves on coordinating with contractors and other service providers to ensure there are no start-up delays.

We focus on all the little details so you don’t need to. We’ll clean up drywall dust and debris that often gets missed by contractors. We’ll vacuum, wipe down counters, clean mirrors and other glass surfaces, clean light switches and doorknobs, and more. Your trims, ledges, and baseboards will get extra attention from our eagle-eyed crew. When you make an investment in a brand new facility, you want the building to look its absolute best. See what a difference an EJS post-construction cleaning can make!


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Floor Cleaning

When it comes to business, it’s all about putting your best foot forward. So why not make sure the feet that come through your doors meet with beautiful, well-maintained floors? Maintaining the look and quality of your flooring–be it hardwood, tile, or carpet–especially in high traffic areas doesn’t just look good. It promotes safety and extends your flooring’s life. Let us put together a comprehensive floor cleaning plan for your facility.

Floor Stripping and Waxing

High traffic areas have a way of dulling a floor’s shine. When yours is in need of stripping and waxing, be sure to get the EJS treatment. We’ll strip your entire floor and coat it with multiple layers of wax that will leave your floors looking shiny and new.

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Floor Rebuffing

Of course, not every floor needs stripping and waxing–at least not every time. Sometimes a good buffing is enough to bring back an older floor’s luster. Our expert team uses high-quality buffing equipment and supplies that will bring out the shine in your floors.

Carpet Extraction

Regular vacuuming helps keep carpets clean, but they don’t always remove all the grit and grime. Salt and other debris tracked in during the winter months can especially work its way into carpeting causing permanent stains, not to mention do a number on the floors below. That’s why carpet extraction is so important. At EJS we use high-quality extraction machines and chemicals for every job. Scheduling a carpet extraction with EJS at regular intervals will help keep your carpets and floors clean and leaving them looking their best.

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Disinfection Services

At EJS, we know how important it is to maintain contamination and virus-free workplaces, particularly in hospitals, schools, daycares, and veterinary care centers. If you’re in need of high-quality disinfection services, call EJS. We use the safest, state-of-the-art equipment, cleaning supplies, and techniques to ensure a healthy environment for everyone.

What To Expect From the EJS Team

Prior to beginning work on any site, we provide clear project expectations and review them with you – the client – so you know exactly what we will be doing and the results you can expect from us. That’s our solemn vow.

It should go without saying that some businesses bite off more than they can chew. They may mean well, but if they can’t do the work they claim, then they are being unfair to their customers. When you hire EJS, you won’t get that kind of treatment. We are an experienced, proven cleaning company that focuses on what we do best. We let our customers know upfront the work we do and the work we can’t do.

Making sure our customers’ needs are met and that they are satisfied is our top priority. If you have questions about the work any of our crew members are doing or if changes arise that should be addressed, you need to know who to call so they can be quickly addressed. At EJS, you’ll get a dedicated point of contact for any and all such issues.

Want to stay on top of what we’re doing for you? We conduct regular walk-throughs and quality checks to ensure the work at your facility is exceeding expectations.

And that’s really the beauty of working with a family-owned and operated company. You call us and you get us. No need to call corporate or call accounting. You simply have your own dedicated person that brings your concerns right to the boss.

What We Do NOT Do

As much as we’d like to help everyone with their janitorial needs, we also know how important it is not to spread yourself too thin. For this reason, we don’t do residential work of any kind–no house cleaning, no apartment cleaning, no rental home cleaning. Our company works exclusively with businesses and other contractors only. We appreciate your understanding.

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